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AMACS Level - 2 Instructor Course

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 Australian Martial Arts Coaching Course Level 2 

(Peak Industry Body)



Module Code       Module Title

  • AMACS2CS Conduct non-instructional sport, fitness or recreation sessions.
  • AMACS2QC Provide quality customer service
  • AMACS2ES Respond to emergency situations
  • AMACS2FG Facilitate groups
  • AMACS2TM Teach the intermediate skills of martial arts  

Enrolment Period      12 months - is allocated but depending on the student's committment as little as a week

Delivery Mode           Online

Assesment Process   Self marking multi choice, essay and providing a video presentation


This course covers planning, conducting and evaluating drills, activities and games to develop the skills of a particular martial art or discipline to an intermediate level. If you would prefer to just do level 3 to match your martial arts qualifications / status you can. 

This may include observing the performance of martial arts athletes to determine the required level of instruction, and planning, conducting and evaluating individualised and group-based training sessions and games or competitions.

Other areas covered in this course include providing quality customer service, developing effective working relationships and coordinating and monitoring an appropriate response to emergency situations.

Course content

  1. Program planning and facilitation with groups

  2. Provide customer service.

  3. Communicating effectively.

  4. Responding to emergencies in an efficient and effective manner

  5. Instructing intermediate martial arts skills.

  6. Reviewing and evaluating performance.

Learning Outcomes

At completion of this course participants should be able to:

  • Identify participant needs and expectations.

  • Plan an intermediate martial arts skills program.

  • Instruct an intermediate martial arts skills program.

  • Evaluate and review performance of self, and the program, and identify potential improvements.

  • Deliver quality customer service and respond to special client requirements.

  • Coordinate and monitor participant response to emergency situations.

  • Develop effective working relationships, using a range of communication mechanisms.

  • Work safely and contribute to the management of Workplace Health and Safety whilst minimising risk.

 Teaching and learning processes

Online lectures, presentations, forums and self-assessment activities.

Qualification Outcome

  1. Instructor or Senior Instructor status issued by MAA (Peak Industry Body)
  2. Business Resources Pack - 2A (online) for school operations
  3. Access to Free Business Webinars
  4. Access to Business Mentoring by industry experts (discounted rates)
  5. Gain a one time Accreditation

Who is this course aimed at? 
This is for existing martial arts instructor / assistants who are looking for a better understanding school operations and running classes. Experienced teachers (black belt level equivalent) will gain a lot of value from this course, as they work towards Senior Instructor status. Students are especially attracted to this course because of the relevant modules and the accredited /certified instructor status that they don't have to keep repeating the same old course to maintain they competency.

Prerequisites for enrolling for this course: 
Currently training at a martial arts school and is working / planning to work to help the Chief Instructor or Owner take classes or run the school.

Cost: $299.00 USD ($416 AUD)

*Our courses are sold worldwide via Martial Arts Universities, therefore our course price is in USD *

* Group School Packs available upon requests

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