Welcome to our AMACS courses and congratulations for being one of the top 5% of people who know that ongoing learning is what is needed to continue to be successful in buisness and life. 

Everybody is more connected now than ever before and as a result they have the expectation(s) that the schools, clubs or academy's that they go to have instructors who are experienced, have the expertise, i.e. qualified and certified in their field and provide excellence in the products and services they offer...Continuous Professional Development is a must to stand out from others and be noticed by potential clients in the industry.

Our vision of firstly equipping more martial arts instructor with the skills / knowledge to coach better and run their businesses more efficiently and profitably; and secondly providing the skills that is needed to be compliant with OH&S laws, insurance and deliver the appropriate service students expect will put you ahead by getting noticed and recognised. 

The range of courses being offered by AMACS is industry leading by providing nationally recongnised qualifitions as well as a industry certification that will be instantly and easily understood and trusted for excellence by potential clients.

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Continuous Professional Development Courses

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* Professional Defensive Tactics


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