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The Australian Martial Arts Coaching System (AMACS) team have put together a vast array of training courses for the community (general public), martial arts students and instructors (industry professionals).

Students (Martial Artists) can enrol anytime, from any location for any level (1, 2 or 3) to obtain the skills and status they feel matches their martial arts status. Improve your knowledge and create a career pathway to becoming an entrepreneurial instructor / school owner -


Companies (Corporate Sector) can train their staff in personal protection using Self Defence / Tactics via our online training portal and face to face with our Certified Instructors at your facility – 

Individuals (General Public) can also feel safer with our urban defence programs using our (complete package)distance learning video library (streetwise skills backed with alchemic science). Students and graduates can gain extra face to face training at our preferred provider martial arts schools around the country -

Martial Arts Industry Instructor Status:
Certified Master Instructor (CMI) Status $100.00 - MORE
Certified Senior Instructor (CSI) Status $50.00 - MORE
Certified Practising Instructor (CPI) Status FREE as part of MAA Membership - MORE

Our vision is firstly to equip more martial arts instructor with the skills / knowledge to coach better and run their businesses more efficiently and profitably. We know what skills they need to be compliant with OH&S laws, insurance and deliver the appropriate service students expect.

Our courses give individuals the option to develop skills in a number of areas by simply selecting the appropriate video pack to suit their personal needs. 

The need for effective coaching / communication skills is vital for clubs to prosper. Those skills are part of the picture but smart school owners know they also need to blend teaching with business / finance and marketing expertise to give them a much better chance at success. AMACS developed by Industry Leaders to create more Industry Leaders.

We are very excited with the industry response to our Instructor Training and look forward to working with many more contributors in the future. We will be adding more courses in general but specifically more business / coaching / marketing courses, training / teaching curriculums through video / webinar delivery. 


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