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AMACS Level - 1 Instructor Course

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Australian Martial Arts Coaching Course Level 1 

(Peak Industry Body)



Module Code  & Title

  • AMACS1RM Participate in WHS hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control
  • AMACS1WS Participate in workplace health and safety
  • AMACS1PP Plan and conduct programs
  • AMACS1BSD Instruct the basic skills of unarmed self defence

Enrolment Period      12 months - is allocated but depending on the student's committment as little as a week

Delivery Mode            Online

Assesment Process    Self marking multi choice, essay and providing a video presentation


This course covers instructing others in basic unarmed self-defence skills against a single, unarmed opponent and is aimed at those working as self-defence instructors in a community recreation environment. Participants can start at any level which they feel matches their martial arts qualifications or industry status. If you prefer the modules in a Level 2 or 3 you can enrol in a higher level. 

Other areas covered in this course include undertaking a risk-analysis process in relation to activities, applying general work health and safety requirements and implementing basic warm up and cool down programs to assist participants to prepare for activity and also aid in post activity recovery.

Course content

  1. Program planning.
  2. Identifying and managing risk.
  3. Instructing basic unarmed self-defence.
  4. Conducting basic warm-up and cool-down programs.
  5. Reviewing and evaluating performance.

Teaching and learning processes
Online lectures, presentations, forums and self-assessment activities.

Learning Outcomes
At completion of this course participants should be able to:

  • Identify participant needs and expectations.
  • Plan a basic self-defence program.
  • Instruct a basic self-defence program.
  • Implement a warm-up and cool down program.
  • Evaluate and review performance of self, and the program, and identify potential improvements.
  • Identify risks, conduct a risk analysis and risk assessment of all activities.
  • Treat and manage risk appropriately in line with organisational and national standards.
  • Monitor and review risk management strategies.
  • Work safely and contribute to the management of Workplace Health and Safety whilst minimising risk.

Qualification Outcome

  1. Industry Recognised 'Assistant Instructor' certificate issued by MAA (Peak Industry Body)
  2. Business Resources Pack - 1A for school operations
  3. Access to Free Business Webinars
  4. Access to Business Mentoring by industry experts (discounted rates)
  5. Can be used to qualify for an Instructor Accreditation (meeting martial arts skills requirements).

Who is this course aimed at?
This is our entry level martial arts instructor's course for people to gain a core base understanding of coaching and business operational principles. Ideally it is for teacher helpers /assistant instructors to senior instructors (2+ years of training - purple / brown / black belt level equivalent) 

Prerequisites for enrolling for this course: A student is required to have a minium level of martial arts skills / knowledge (2 years). Currently training at a martial arts school and is working / planning to work to help the Chief Instructor / Owner take classes / run the school.

Cost: $199.00 USD ($277 AUD)

*Our courses are sold worldwide via Martial Arts Universities, therefore our course price is USD *

Group School Packs available upon request  

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