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We have been working with a lot of highly qualified business mentors and we want to put you in touch with them. The Martial Arts Business is truly diverse so you need a broad range of skills / knowledge and a lot of the time you don't know what you don't know.

Business Mentors are not emotionally attached to your business and can more easily recognise opportunities and direct you towards them. You can get help for a specific area you have recognised needs work and get them to overhaul those procedures to identify problems / strengths. You could ask for a quick overview to see where your weaknesses are and chip away at them, sometimes it is just 30 minute chat over the phone that makes a difference.

The Number 1 thing business owners need to do is to be 'committed to change' and follow the direction of the business mentor. Remember you get what you ask for, so plan carefully, execute and become more successful.

Our in-house mentors consists of Graham Slater, Paul Mracek and Mark Longman with others joining the team shortly. Those of you that are Martial Arts Australia members or have viewed the website will know we have worked / work with a number of local and international business masters including: Stephen Oliver (NAPMA), Roland Osborne (Hyper - Go Warrior), Randy Holeman, Paul Veldman (Kando Martial Arts), Vincent Busutil (Ultimate Martial Arts Centre), Bill Wakefield and Sean Allen who all have different specialities or focuses. 

Stephen Oliver - National Association Professional Martial Artists (NAPMA) has been especially good to us in supporting our initiative to help supply instructors / school owners with the best resource material on the planet. We will be releasing a number of special business mentoring deals to help you grow your business but remember, your starting point. Have you done the AMACS Courses (put your instructors through them), have you obtained your CPI status yet! 

Enrol into AMACS Level 2 or above to receive this special NAPMA pack!

Graham Slater - Business Mentor is constantly traveling the globe researching the industry and sharing those experiences. This video is taken while Graham was attending the Alan Goldberg Hall of Honors Event - Atlantic City USA.



Graham Slater & Paul Mracek - Business Mentors talk about how to use the learnings from Martial Arts and apply them to business through the use of the META Principles of Mindset, Energy, Time & Action to achieve peak performance and productivity in any business.


Paul Mracek interviewed by UK Radio Station



Here is an interesting video Stephen Oliver NAPMA put together talking about the Martial Arts Industry and the impact of MMA.


Take a quick look at the enrolment process with this video

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