Martial Arts Instructor - Partner Program

Martial Arts School Owners / Sporting Associations - PARTNERSHIPS

This is a great opportunity to get instructors / coaches trained, add value to your instructor programs / association membership, gain more credibility and make extra revenue a Win Win for everyone.

Make extra revenue on multiple levels:
By attracting more students to your school through offering a government recognised qualification connection to your programs will drive increased revenue opportunities.You can charge your students a higher additional monthly fee for your instructors program because of its value (see chart below).Your graduates will be better equipment to teach at your school as well as improved skills and ability to open up new branches for you.

Protecting your business Students will not be able to just enrol in the AMACS courses as they have to meet a set criteria of pre-requisites and belong to a school. They need to prove a certain competence of martial arts knowledge and for their practical are required to make a class plan and deliver it (via video) to a group (at least six students). Existing instructors can more easily meet the pre-requisites but still need to have six people in a class to do their practical which should be no issue and easier for them

Add more credibility and content to your curriculum: Schools can now add nationally recognised units of competency and qualifications attached to their team leader and instructor programs. Upon graduation students gain two certificates one directly from our Registered Training Organisation and the other from Martial Arts Australia with the added advantage of AMACS and our RTO’s logos attached. We have also provided the opportunity for you to insert YOUR SCHOOL NAME on the certificate making your program much more appealing, credible and linked back to your school. Graduates will also have either of the CPI, CSI, CMI Status Seal on their certificates which will instantly be identifiable with the public and industry.

Attract more students to your school:Not every student and or parent sees martial arts as helping in mainstream education or a career pathway until now, with the nationally accredited certification more will see this as attractive and bring more members to your school. By offering your instructor’s program attached to a government recognised certification on completion gives you and your school more credibility.

Offer students a clear career pathway:Blending martial arts with a nationally recognised training course that is specific to the industry as well as in addition obtaining the best tools to operate a school or a business will clearly show students the pathway to an exciting career.

Offer them the opportunity to gain credit for their school marks: All schools around Australia allow credit to various subjects through external courses and qualifications that meet their educational framework. Sport & Recreation units in our AMACS courses meets the requirements for most schools. Parents and students will love this element as it shows the benefit of training in martial arts while improving their opportunities in conjunction with mainstream education.


As AMACS – MAA Partner you would directly enrol students through your school, academy or club and give them access to the educational portal. From 1st January 2015, all students doing nationally recognised training need to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI). This includes students doing Vocational Education Training (VET) in schools. This can be obtained by your student by visiting if they do not have one. As far as the portal goes, you would provide the required student information and make the payment through our eLearning platform ‘Moodle’ which would start the process. You would then provide the access codes for the student to start. This way as a school owner you are in control of maintaining the connection that this whole process is part of your program – Instructor training on the mats comes with online educational content that is part of their normal training that you have given them access to.

To discuss the finer points, estimated revenue for school owners, our criteria please call 03 8601 1124 - Subject 'AMACS Partner'



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