Insurers juggle strategies to protect the bottom line – News Story

With the ever changing risks associated with operating a martial arts school Insurers look at ways to minimise the risk of claims. As claims rise Insurer’s juggle with strategies to either increase premiums, increase the level of qualifications required to operate or drop the higher risk styles from cover altogether. Depending on the experience of the Broker and their position / motivation to help the sector the outcomes are currently unclear.

Martial Arts Australia the Peak Industry Body and one of the largest providers of insurance works tirelessly to negotiate solutions that are beneficial for all parties. Understanding both sides of the fence is crucial in working to find the most appropriate outcome by understanding the real facts and problems. Sometimes an increase in claims isn’t necessarily a problem when it is a small percentage of the premiums collected but when you have a few big claims that percentage can change dramatically overnight. It’s always best to work proactively so there is a well thought out strategies in place that has the time to compensate high claims ratios before they get out of hand.

One of the solutions discussed is better screening of instructor qualifications and providing operators with better risk management resources to minimise incidents. What has been identified is that there are very few courses that appropriate prepare instructors to operate a school. Even after completing various courses operators still have difficulty in putting together the appropriate policies / procedures etc.

We have already heard the Insurers will not cover BJJ Blue Belts teaching as they now have to be Purple or above. As people in the industry know there are some BJJ practitioners that focus on competition and other on the coaching. A purple or brown belt who has focused on competition may not be as good at teaching as a blue belt who focuses on coaching students.

So how do you keep the Insurer happy? (keep premium prices and claims down).

The Australian Martial Arts Coaching System has been endorsed as the preferred provider of instructor / officiating courses. These courses combined with a business resources provided by Martial Arts Australia have been confirmed as the most appropriate solution. This solution taken up by industry will assist in keeping insurance prices down and maintaining coverage for all styles.

For a school owner the courses are available anytime and from anywhere at the lowest price. They equip the instructors with the appropriate skills and are highly regarded in the industry but importantly accepted by the Insurance companies. When you compare other acceptable courses (Cert III in Fitness / Coaching / Sport Recreation) and Trainer & Assessor they are at a much a higher cost and longer period to complete.

Cert III in Fitness – Cost $1500 - $2500 compared to AMACS L1 $295 or L2 $595 or L3 $795 it makes for a great alternative. One of the other benefits of AMACS is their courses are martial arts school owner specific and have units in martial arts and self-defence that are essential.

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